Wrapping up Two Great Scanning Projects

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be wrapping up two major newspaper archive scanning projects. Both happen to have been for religious newspapers which tell wonderfully rich stories of their respective communities.

The organizations we were scanning for have both been a delight to work with and we’re so proud to now see their archives fully accessible and searchable online for everyone to explore.  These two organizations have also been spectacular examples of how to tap into a community of people to make an archive preservation project possible.  In one case, the driver of the community campaign to digitize the archive told us that people were so eager to see the newspaper’s archive online that they started sending checks… people the newspaper hadn’t heard from in years.

If you have a community newspaper or even your high school newspaper that you would like to see digitized and made online accessible, encourage the paper to contact us to see how to make it happen.

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