How Arkansas Catholic Found Money to Digitize Its Complete Archive


It’s the story no newspaper wants to write.

Publishers never want to have to inform readers that the newspaper’s archive is gone. It could have been the story for the Arkansas Catholic newspaper and its 91 year old bound volume archive. Rich with history and perspective, the newpaper’s archives were deteriorating and some of the oldest books were literally too fragile to touch. Editor Malea Hargett recalls, “Everytime we had to do a historical article, we had to go into those archives and it was very evident we were losing those pages.”

Fearing the history would soon be lost forever, Malea approached her publisher with a plea to digitally preserve the archive content before it was too late but was told the money simply wasn’t available. So, she came up with another way to save the archive. Today, just 5 years later, the complete archive is online accessible for the community to search and explore.

So, how’d she do it? With the help of guardian angels.  >>Click here to learn how Arkansas Catholic was able to complete the digital preservation of their entire archive.


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