Helping You Digitize Your Microfilm

ArchiveInABox may specialize in digitizing bound volume and loose printed archives but we also do our share of digitizing microfilm for our customers.  Many organizations simply don’t have the original archive material or, in some cases, it’s just too fragile to even move.

We have two options for digitizing microfilm archives and making them online accessible and searchable.

  1. Pay once, free hosting, no ongoing expense – ArchiveInABox.
    This is the service we provide when we scan a publication archive which is in bound volumes. Everything is indexed by year, publication date, page number, and OCR searchable text. All-inclusive of shipping, hosting and you get the master scans on your own hard drive.
  2. Low-cost scanning and annual hosting – ImageHOST.
    This is a service we provide for very large jobs where the cost per page is critical. Very low scan cost, pay for low cost hosting. Index is OCR only. Generally need to scan 50,000 pages or more, so it may work for 44k pages on microfilm. There is a low cost annual, per page hosting fee and additional costs such as shipping and master scans.

We can walk you through the process and explain how the two options differ.  Just let us know if you’d like to explore digitizing your microfilm archives and placing them online where they can be searched and enjoyed.  Email for details.

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