Digitizing microfilm vs. bound volumes.

We recently received an inquiry from a newspaper that has its archive in both microfilm and bound volumes. The publisher wanted to know which he should send us for scanning in order to finally create a searchable online archive his community can enjoy.

It’s a great question and the answer depends on the newspaper itself and what it hopes to achieve from scanning.  The end result is generally better when the original pages are scanned – if they’re in good shape, of course.  The image will be clearer and the OCR/searchability will be more accurate.

Scanning from microfilm has it’s advantages also – primarily lower cost and scanning and putting the archive online can take less time.  Many customers have an archive which is mixed – some microfilm and some original pages – which is easy for us to accommodate.

Regardless of whether your scanning from microfilm, bound volumes or loose printed pages, with ArchiveInABox you receive the image files and you maintain ownership and control of your new digital archive.  There’s no contract required so you can try it out with a single shipment.  We provide all logistics for you so just contact us to get started. Email karen@smalltownpapers.com for more details.

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