When is the right time to digitize your archives?

The short answer is — right now!  Your print archives are not going to stay in their current condition or improve.  You want to digitally preserve them as soon as possible.  Similarly, microfilm, not stored properly, can also deteriorate.  Digitally preserving your archive material means that the history it holds, will not be forever lost.

ArchiveInABox works with thousands of organizations across the country to scan archives and make them online accessible and searchable.  The demand for archive content has never been higher – people expect all of the history and information from their community to be conveniently accessible. Digitization makes that possible and ArchiveInABox even offers hosting so that all you have to do, is say “ready” and then we take care of the rest –arranging logistics, safe/secure shipping, scanning and uploading to your own archive webpage and, of course, returning the original material to you.

At ArchiveInABox, we work with you to digitize material on your schedule and ensure that you retain rights, ownership and control of that historic content.  Contact us to learn more – email karen@smalltownpapers.com or call 360.427.6300.


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