Archives as a revenue generator for newspapers.

People have long tried to find the best way to monetize archive content.  You have a wealth of information in your historic newspaper archives – information that is increasingly in demand – but how do you actually generate profit from that content?

ArchiveInABox helps newspapers digitize their archives and place them online where they can be searched and explored by everyone.  We keep it easy for the newspaper – we arrange shipping, scanning, uploading and then the return of the original archive material to its owner. Publishers using ArchiveInABox now have the option of selling advertising on their archive web pages and all of the money generated is theirs to keep.  It’s been extremely successful for newspapers and they report that the advertisers are excited to be a part of making their community history accessible – usually for the first time.

Want to learn how you can do the same? Contact us and we’ll show you how newspapers have found a new source of revenue in their old content.  Email karen or call us at 360.427.6300.

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