Helping historical societies preserve archive material.

Your historical society has been entrusted with a newspaper archive.  Now what?

Across the country, millions of pages of newspaper archives have been entrusted to local historical societies for preservation but many newspaper archives are deteriorating to the point of no return. The newspaper archive can present a number of issues for a preservation group:

  • How to best manage increasingly fragile newspaper pages
  • How to allow public access to these archives
  • How to safely digitize the newspaper archives
  • How to provide public hosting so people can access them online
  • How to attract community business leaders to participate with costs

For its valuable features and benefits, historical societies across North America are choosing the ArchiveInABox™ scanning and hosting service from SmallTownPapers® where all digitizing services include no-cost online hosting.

>>Example of digitized newspaper collection we scanned and host for the Monroe Historical Society.

After being recommended by other historical societies, the Duvall (WA) Historical Society turned to ArchiveInABox to make its historical newspaper archives online-accessible for the first time. The historical society’s Mary Lampson is coordinating the effort: “The Duvall Historical Society receives lots of requests for information about the past, and old newspapers are a great resource for looking into those; however, the paper copies are fragile and deteriorating. Since the technology is now available to digitize this information, it will be very helpful to us, as well as to the folks who are making inquiries, to access these resources online.”

The group applied for and received a local heritage grant to assist with the digitization of two now-defunct newspapers, The Carnavall Reporter and Duvall Citizen. When complete, the archives will be housed on a dedicated website where the pages are free to access and search from any device.

If your historical society wants to digitally preserve a local newspaper archive, contact ArchiveInABox for details on an easy and affordable way to preserve and access your community’s printed history for generations to come. ArchiveInABox includes many valuable features including no-cost hosting of your digital collections, and tools to engage your local donor community. Contact us soon to learn what we can do for your organization.

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